Kresta in the Afternoon – June 8, 2015 – Hour 2

+  Kresta Comments: Viral Message to ISIS Violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines

  • Description: You may remember the video from this spring entitled “A Letter from the People of the Cross to ISIS.” It featured a message of forgiveness to members of the Islamic State, and also an invitation to repent and accept Christ’s mercy. YouTube has removed the original video on the grounds that it violated their guidelines and has rejected the creator’s appeal. The video is still available on the site from other users, but that’s not the problem. Which parts of this video were deemed offensive? One of the world’s most popular websites is censoring open discussion…isn’t that a cause for concern?
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+  Who Designed the Designer?

  • Description: The “New Atheists” are pulling no punches. If the world of nature needs a designer, they ask, then why wouldn’t the designer itself need a designer, too? Or if it can exist without any designer behind it, then why can’t we just say the same for the universe and wash our hands of a designer altogether? Michael Augros discusses the answers to these questions.
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+  Who Designed the Designer? (continued)

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