Kresta in the Afternoon – June 30, 2009 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Kresta Comments - Michael Jackson: A Human Commodity

    Second Topic – The Year of the Priesthood

    Pope Benedict XVI opened the “Year for Priests” last week in St. Peter’s Basilica. “Faithfulness of Christ, faithfulness of priests” is the theme for a year that ends on June 19, 2010 in St. Peter’s Square at a World Meeting of Priests. The year also marks the 150th anniversary of the death of St. John Vianney, now patron of all priests. In a letter to priests, the Holy See stressed that the Church “is proud of her priests, loves them, honors them, admires them and recognizes with gratitude their pastoral work and witness.” We talk to Fr. Robert Barron about the significance of this year, the call of the priesthood, and the charism of the calling.

    Third Topic – Cardinal O'Malley pulls out of joint health care venture over abortion

    After weeks of ethics discussions, the Archdiocese of Boston announced last Friday that the Church-sponsored Caritas Christi Healthcare has withdrawn from its partnership with CeltiCare Health Plan. The archdiocese said it was not possible to find agreement between the archdiocese-affiliated medical organization and the Missouri-based health insurer, which provides abortion and contraception. The joint venture was scheduled to start providing care on July 1st, but in a statement issued on Friday by Richard Lynch, chief executive of CeltiCare Health Plan of Massachusetts, said:  "effective today, Caritas has withdrawn their ownership position in CeltiCare Health Plan of Massachusetts. Celtic Group Inc.” We talk to Dr. John Haas of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, who advised the Archdiocese on this case.


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