Kresta in the Afternoon – June 28, 2007 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Impact of Media Violence on Children

    Parents Television Council President Tim Winter testified before the U.S. on the issue of television violence and the “Impact of Media Violence on Children” earlier this week. He provided graphic examples of how brutal and gruesome television violence has become and took the industry to task for not dealing with the problem responsibly. He will be with us to explain the problem and discuss solutions.

    Second Topic – Pro-Homosexual Bill Advances in California

    The California State Assembly has pushed forward a highly controversial bill that bans any textbooks, teaching or activities in schools from “reflecting adversely” upon or “promoting bias against” homosexuals and those with “gender issues” Calling it and “astounding assault on traditional values,” our next guest argues that this bill would actually prohibit textbooks from referring to a “husband and wife” or “mom and dad” because that would be gender bias. Karen England from the Capitol Research Institute joins us.

    Third Topic – The Feast of St. Iranaeus

    The writings of St. Irenaeus entitle him to a high place among the fathers of the Church, for they not only laid the foundations of Christian theology but, by exposing and refuting the errors of the gnostics, they delivered the Catholic Faith from the real danger of the doctrines of those heretics. As we celebrate his feast today, Steve Ray is with us to take us into some of those writings.

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