Kresta in the Afternoon – June 26, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Description: Our Guest Host today is Jerry Usher.

+  US Senate Passes Hong Kong Autonomy Act

+  ‘I cannot remain silent’: Madison Catholic bishop condemns destruction of religious statues

+  A Catholic with Same-Sex Attraction Responds to Pride Month

  • Description: June is celebrated across America as “Pride Month” for the LGBT community. Avera Maria Santo is a Catholic who lives with same-sex attraction. She joins us with her take.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Avera Maria Santo
      Avera Maria, or "AV" for short, is a 20-year-old kid from down south who likes long walks on the beach, writing, and being "too Catholic to function." When she's not working on the IMHOH Blog, indulging in Catholic Twitter, or getting CathLIT with her friends, she enjoys reading, listening to EDM music, and getting laid over in airports. Visit
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