Kresta in the Afternoon – June 24, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Pregnancy Boom at MA HS – A Pregnancy Pact?

    As summer vacation begins, 17 girls at Gloucester High School are expecting babies—more than four times the number of pregnancies the 1,200-student school had last year. Some adults dismissed the statistic as a blip. Others blamed hit movies like Juno and Knocked Up for glamorizing young unwed mothers. But principal Joseph Sullivan says he knows at least part of the reason there's been such a spike in teen pregnancies at his school. A pregnancy pact? We look at it with Dr. Meg Meeker.

    Second Topic – Why Hip-Hop Can’t Save Black America

    Race and culture scholar John McWhorter can always be counted on to provide provocative viewpoints steeped in scholarly savvy. Now he turns to the topic of hip-hop music and culture, smashing the claims that hip-hop is politically valuable because it delivers the only "real" portrayal of black society. He delves into the rhythms of hip-hop, analyzing its content and recognizing its artistry and craftsmanship. But at the same time he points out that hip-hop is, at its core, simply music, and takes issue with those who celebrate hip-hop as the beginning of a new civil rights revolution. In a power vacuum, this often offensive and destructive music has become a leading voice of black America, and McWhorter stridently calls for a renewed sense of purpose and pride in black communities.

    Third Topic – How Would God Vote?

    With liberals and conservatives alike claiming the authority of the Bible as support for their views on social and moral issues, the need to understand what the Bible actually says has never been more pressing. In How Would God Vote?, journalist and scholar David Klinghoffer illuminates the worldview set forth in the Scriptures and argues that, with some exceptions, the Bible commands a style of politics that in the American context could only be described as deeply conservative. He makes his case.

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