Kresta in the Afternoon – June 22, 2011 – Hour 2

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    Our Topic - Meditations on the Priesthood

    Following the events of the last 5 days, we take time to look at the theology, the history, and the glory of the Catholic priesthood. At ordination, a priest becomes another person, commissioned not simply to act in the name of Christ, but to be another Christ, an alter Christus. This teaching was not an original insight of the Second Vatican Council. It is the traditional teaching of the Church. In his book, Meditations on the Catholic Priesthood, Father Charles Connor helps the priest to see once again, in fresh terms, that this is truly the essence of the priesthood. He shows how, in the Eucharist the priest finds his raison d'être for being a priest, the source of all his strength in the ministry, the summit of all his prayers. The role of the Cross and suffering in the life of a priest is one of the highlights of this book. Yet the suffering of a priest is tinged with joy because he suffers along with Christ, bolstered by Jesus himself. Fr. Connor joins us.

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