Kresta in the Afternoon – June 16, 2011 – Hour 1

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    Broadcasting Live From Acton University in Grand Rapids, MI

    First Topic - Subsidiarity and Serving the Poor

    As a former Marxist, Ismael Hernandez has a unique view of subsidiarity and serving the poor. He is here to define a Catholic understanding of subsidiarity, apply it to the context of human spiritual, moral, and material need, and elaborate on the unique ability of private charity to address such needs using local knowledge and resources unavailable and unsuited to public agencies.

    Second Topic - Envy and the Search for Fairness in Our Economic Relationships In a free-market system, participants are free to pursue exchanges that lead to their mutual benefit. Yet market economies do not lead to equal outcomes, even though the same rules apply to all participants. Using St. Thomas Aquinas's definition of envy as a starting point, Victor Claar is here to critically examine the potentially corrosive role that envy may play in our relationships in a market economy.

    Third Topic - Holy Family Radio - Grand Rapids

    Holy Family Radio in Grand Rapids first went on the air Christmas day 2010, and this past March 19th - the feast of St. Joseph - they began airing live Catholic programming from EWTN and Ave Maria Radio, along with some local programming for the Hispanic community in West Michigan.  Their mission is to broadcast the knowledge, love and practice of the Roman Catholic Faith.  As we are broadcasting from Grand Rapids this week, we talk to Larry Nienhaus about his work with Holy Family Radio.

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