Kresta in the Afternoon – June 10, 2009

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    Our Topic – What is ‘good’ and ‘evil’?  WHO decides?

    The laws of morality used to be clearly defined. Then, in the turbulent years of the 1960’s, societal dissent and disruption throughout all walks of life caused confusion and chaos in the moral order.  More recently, during the widely reported and televised Mass of the Conclave prior to his election as Pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger judiciously directed his homily to an exposition and denunciation of the dictatorship of relativism, which now confronts the world.  Unless the concepts of good and evil are clearly defined and the conscience properly formed as a guide--especially among the young generations--relativism will reign supreme and objective morality will lose the right to exist in a society where evil claims right of citizenship. Raymond de Souza's is here tom discuss good and evil in simple yet conclusive terms using Natural Law, the Magisterium of the Church and plain logic in his presentation...Good or Evil:  Who Decides.

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