Kresta in the Afternoon – June 1, 2011 – Hour 2

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    Live From The Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit in Chicago

    First Topic - Wholly Mary: Mother of God

    There's a little bit about Mary in Scripture. We can glean a bit more from the tradition of the Church. Some of the approved apparitions add a little insight, too. But where can we go to get the complete picture, to find out about the whole Mary? Chris Padgett walks us through what the Bible has to say about the Mother of God. What has she meant to the Church throughout the centuries, what do the apparitions add, what have the saints told us about her and, most importantly, what can we learn from her ourselves? Chris joins us.

    Second Topic - This Sacred Moment: Becoming Holy Right Where You Are

    What does it mean to be a holy person? Any and every situation holds the grace for the transformation called holiness. By imitating Christ and emptying yourself for the benefit of another you can become holy right where you are. Spiritual director and retreat master Fr. Albert Haase is here to offer practices that help us discern what God is calling us to in each moment, as well as clear direction for living in the Spirit, the source of our holiness.

    Third Topic - TBA

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