Kresta in the Afternoon – July 9, 2009

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    First Topic – Kresta Comments

    Second Topic – Faith and Family Connect

    More and more, moms are connecting on places like Twitter and Facebook, but communities like Faith & Family provide them with more intimate, meaningful connections and faith support through a gathering of like-minded moms. In a world where it can be difficult, especially for at-home moms raising small children, to find support and encouragement in their backyard as previous generations did, online social networking is filling a real need moms have to connect with others. Like it or not, social networking is here to stay. Places like Faith & Family Connect provide faith-based, family-friendly ways of using new media in support of traditional values. We talk with creator and editor Danielle Bean.

    Third Topic – Health Care Reform: A Catholic View

    Reform of the American health care sector is urgent. The current trend of ever increasing health-care spending, superimposed upon technological advancement and an aging demographic, is unsustainable. Approximately 15 percent of Americans lack health insurance and millions are underinsured or struggling with medical bills. Employer based medical care is disintegrating. Leonard J. Nelson III is here to examine a Catholic approach to health care reform.

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