Kresta in the Afternoon – July 9, 2007 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – Summorum Pontificum

    With a motu proprio entitled Summorum Pontificum, made public on July 7, Pope Benedict XVI has provided for a much broader use of the Roman Missal of 1962, explaining that he hopes to encourage "interior reconciliation in the heart of the Church." The long-awaited motu proprio, which had been the subject of intensive speculation within the Church for more than a year, gives every priest the right to celebrate the Mass using the 1962 Missal, and instructs pastors to "willingly accept" requests from the faithful for access to the older liturgical form. We examine the document and the controversy surrounding it with Vatican Correspondent Joan Lewis and theologian Fr. Joseph Fessio.

    Second Topic – Heroes in Heaven

    Tammy and Chris Gabrelcik are the co-creators of a new Catholic Vacation Bible School Program. “Heroes in Heaven” was designed to answer the call for a "VBS" programs in many Catholic Churches. Tammy and Chris saw hundreds of Catholic children attending non-Catholic programs because they are enthusiastically promoted and many Catholic Churches purchasing non-catholic or non-denominational VBS programs because that was what was available. So they designed a program that is 100% Catholic in its programming, concepts and activities. They are here to present it.

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