Kresta in the Afternoon – July 27, 2011 – Hour 2

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    First Topic - The Future of Catholic Press in America

    Veteran journalist Greg Erlandson, president and publisher of Our Sunday Visitor, has been elected president of the Catholic Press Association. The Association just held its annual Convention in Pittsburgh last week and Greg is here to discuss the future of the Catholic Press in America.

    Second Topic - The Four Causes of the US Financial Crisis

    Over the last 6-9 months we have conducted a series intended to fully explore the practical, political, moral and philosophical underpinnings of the financial meltdown of 2008. Our guide has been Dr. Max Torres and each segment we used, as a base of discussion, one book written on an aspect of the financial crisis. Today, we wrap up the series with a look at the 4 main causes of the US financial crisis - lessons learned and not learned from the evens of 2008.


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