Kresta in the Afternoon – July 17, 2015 – Hour 2

+  China Arrests more than 100 Human-Rights Lawyers and Activists

  • Description: More than 100 lawyers and political activists were arrested in China this weekend. The state media portrayed the mass arrests as a crackdown on a “major criminal gang” and accused the so-called gang of lawyers of disrupting the social order. 82 of the detainees were released on Monday morning, but several were subsequently rearrested. We’ll talk about it with Reggie Littlejohn and also discuss recent reports of Chinese doctors being forced to meet monthly abortion quotas.
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+  China (continued) + Remembering what the Rainbow Really Means

  • Description: The rainbow and its spectrum of colors have been used in many contexts. Why? And what does the rainbow stand for? We discuss it with Steve Ray.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Steve Ray
      Steve Ray is a renowned tour guide who has been to the Holy Land more than 100 times. He’s a regular guest on EWTN and Ave Maria Radio. Steve is the author of Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock and other books and is the creator of the Footprints of God DVD series.
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+  Remembering what the Rainbow Really Means (continued)

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