Kresta in the Afternoon – January 8, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – A denial of tenure & a stealth cover-up

    Guillermo Gonzalez is an impressively productive observational astronomer at Iowa State University who is currently on a path to losing his job — not because of his teaching, his research, or his relationships with colleagues but because of his views about intelligent design expressed in a 2004 book. Iowa State of course has a different story, one that has been exposed as a scam. Dr. Gonzalez is here to tell his story.

    Second Topic – Charlie Wilson’s War? Or Bill Clark’s War?

    Hitting theatres a couple weeks ago was "Charlie Wilson's War," starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. The movie is based on a George Crile book by the same title about former Rep. Charlie Wilson (D-TX), who helped fund the Afghanistan rebels who eventually defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The movie credits Wilson for making the difference in ensuring that crucial weapons, including U.S. Stinger missiles, were provided to the rebels to enable their victory over the USSR. But Paul Kengor argues that there was a far more influential figure – William Clark. He makes his case.

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