Kresta in the Afternoon – January 7, 2014 – Hour 1

+  The “Lists” of 2013

  • Description: Top ten lists. Everybody loves lists and this time of year is rife with lists. Today we talk about some list topics of interest to Catholics and ask you to participate. John Allen joins us on the most under-reported Catholic stories of 2013. Steven Greydanus looks at the best films of 2013. Al reviews the best and worst of reporting on Pope Francis. And we ask what content might be on the “top Catholic stories of the year” when we do this segment in January of 2015.

+  The "Lists" of 2014 (continued)

+  The top five under-covered Catholic stories of 2013

  • Description: It's a John Allen tradition to dedicate his first column of the new year to the most under-covered Catholic stories of the previous 12 months, which in the past has always seemed a good use of time given the sporadic and often radically incomplete coverage the church typically draws. This year, however, it feels a little silly to be talking about Catholicism as under-covered, given the astronomic media interest generated by the resignation of Benedict XVI and the rise of Francis. If the coverage we've seen this year isn't enough, one might fairly ask, what exactly would be? We talk about it with John.
  • Segment Guests:
    • John Allen
      Long-Time Vatican Analyst , National Catholic Reporter and soon moving to the Boston Globe

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