Kresta in the Afternoon – January 15, 2010 – Hour 2

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    First Topic– “The Book of Eli”

    Film Director  Allen Hughes was recently asked why he and his brother decided to make the Bible the centerpiece of their latest film and not just an amalgam of sacred texts, he said, “It had to be the Bible. It is the biggest selling book of all time. And possibly in the last 2,500 years the biggest influence on western literature and; it's the Bible, man!” We talk about The Book of Eli, which is released today and, from a Christian perspective, is a fascinating piece of filmmaking. Nick Thomm has the review, and interviews with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and more.

    Second Topic– Come Meet Jesus: An Invitation from Pope Benedict XVI

    The person of Jesus-and our need to encounter him personally-is the common thread through all that Pope Benedict XVI has written and taught. As he once urged young people, "Open, open wide the doors to Christ-and you will find true life." Amy Welborn is here to highlight the many ways in which the pope is inviting his listeners, both inside and outside the Church, to discover the saving, healing, life-giving love of Jesus. As we listen with open minds and hearts to Pope Benedict's persistent and heartfelt invitation, we will be inspired to put friendship with Jesus at the center of our lives. And as the pope shows us, we can encounter Jesus in ourselves, in Scripture, in the liturgy, in prayer, and in everyday life.

    Third Topic – Legatus Summit 2010

    Legatus is an organization for Catholic businessmen who seek to study, live and spread the Faith in their business, professional and personal lives. Legatus currently provides service to over 1,800 businesses in 60 chapters (and growing) across the United States, and internationally on three continents. We talk with Executive Director John Hunt about Legatus, their Winter Summit, and it’s amazing line-up of speakers.

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