Kresta in the Afternoon – February 4, 2009 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Obama's Abortion Funding Decision Least Popular So Far, Gallup Says

    President Obama garnered widespread support for his early actions in office, but Americans strongly oppose the commander-in-chief's first two executive orders -- allowing federal funding for overseas abortions and closing Guantanamo -- according to a Gallup poll released yesterday. Fifty-eight percent of Americans said they disagreed with the president's decision to give overseas funding to family planning organizations that provide abortions. Only thirty-five percent supported it. Obama signed an order Jan. 23 reversing the "Mexico City policy" -- a prohibition first implemented by Ronald Reagan, which forbade the U.S. government from sending money to overseas family-planning organizations that perform abortions or offer abortion counseling.  The ban, which was lifted when Bill Clinton took office, was later re-established by George W. Bush in 2001. We talk about it with Evangelical leader Lou Engle.

    Second Topic – Life Equity: Realize Your True Value and Pursue Your Passions at Any Stage in Life

    US Rep. Marsha Blackburn is the first female in Tennessee elected in her own right to the US Congress. Her new book, Life Equity, gives women a step-by-step plan for using the powerful and valuable skills they already have to change their own lives and enrich their world. They are experienced, smart, and effective. They have a wealth of wisdom and influence to offer and are America's richest resource. They are women. But today too many of those women view their lives and futures with a growing sense of frustration or ambivalence. At a time in which there are more opportunities for women at every level and in every realm of American life than ever before, many women wrestle with paralyzing doubt about what they can and should be doing. Rep. Blackburn exposes these fears and misconceptions and lays out a compelling corrective case for empowerment and action.

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