Kresta in the Afternoon – February 3, 2009

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    First Topic – Faith In Football:  A Time To Reflect

    This Super Bowl week has not only focused on the physical prowess of the playmakers, but has also highlighted the Christian faith that is the bedrock of not only the team owners, but also many of the players. Brian Rooney, the Thomas More Law Center’s Director of Communications and Development, is also a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Board of Directors. Kurt Warner, the quarterback of the Cardinals is known for starting every interview by thanking God.  Troy Polamalu, the long-haired free safety for the Steelers said at Super Bowl media day, "I feel like faith is the foundation of everything I do on the field and off.  It determines how you live your life when you love God." The list of outspoken Christians on the field Sunday evening goes on and on. Brian is here to discuss faith and the Super Bowl.

    Second Topic– Embryonic Stem Cell Mania

    “After eight years of political ostracism, stem-cell scientists like Harvard's Douglas Melton are coming back into the light — and making discoveries that may soon bring lifesaving breakthroughs.” That according to the latest cover of TIME magazine. Meanwhile, PBS will air a special tonight claiming that under Obama, restrictions on embryonic stem cell research may very well lead to cures for Parkinson’s. Bioethicist Wesley Smith is here to say – take a breath. What evidence is there to think that ESTR will produce ANY cures at all?

    Third Topic - Kresta Comments

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