Kresta in the Afternoon – February 28, 2007 – Hour 2

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    First Segment - Honoring A Hero

    Forty-one years after repeatedly leading a two-helicopter team into a region of Vietnam dubbed the "Valley of Death" in the first major US engagement of the Vietnam War, retired Army helicopter pilot Bruce Crandall received the Medal of Honor on Monday at a White House ceremony. In 1965, Crandall was evacuating the wounded and bringing in support to the troops of Gen. Hal Moore, commander on the ground.  The battle was memorialized in the Mel Gibson film We Were Soldiers. Gen. Moore is with us to honor Bruce Crandall.

    Second Segment - 12 reasons why the pro-life movement is winning

    Abortion is on the front cover of TIME magazine, the youngest surviving premature baby ever is in the news, and 4D ultrasound is being highlighted on the National Geography Channel. Fr. Frank Pavone comes through the studios of Ave Maria Radio and sits down with Al to discuss 12 reasons why the pro-life movement is winning.

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