Kresta in the Afternoon – February 22, 2007 – Hour 1

  • Description:

    * 4:00 - Washington's Leadership Lessons

    George Washington has long been a role model for Americans. Legends of his honesty and virtue are part of America's cultural heritage. But Washington's legacy is much greater than the apocryphal story of the cherry tree. George Washington's Leadership Lessons offers a unique perspective on America's first president-not as a caricature of model behavior, but as an effective, visionary, and inspiring leader of men. On this birthday of George Washington, we talk with James Rees, director of Mount Vernon and author of George Washington's Leadership Lessons: What the Father of Our Country Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership and Character.

    * 4:30 - Privacy Lost - How Technology Is Endangering Privacy

    A new study indicates that identity theft cost Americans $49.3 billion last year. David Holtzman - a master technologist, internet pioneer, security analyst, and former military code-breaker - presents a comprehensive insider's expose of the world of invasive technology, who's using it, and how our privacy is at risk. We look at the “7 Sins Against Privacy" and reveal exactly how privacy is being eroded in every aspect of our lives.

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