Kresta in the Afternoon – February 21, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Lent: A Mid-Term Pick-Me-Up

    As we approach the half-way point of Lent, our chaplain, Fr. Pat Egan, joins us to look at what we should be doing to make this Lent a spiritual home run. If you are losing focus, attention, or commitment for this Lenten season – be with us and learn how you can turn it around before Our Lord comes to us anew this Holy Week.

    Second Topic – Prayer in Newman

    Today is the anniversary of the birth of John Henry Cardinal Newman. It is said of Newman that “prayer became his preferred occupation.” Fr. Nicholas Gregoris, a member of the Priestly Society of John Henry Cardinal Newman, has drawn together, from Newman’s sermons and meditations, both Anglican and Catholic, his reflections on the life of prayer. We look at Prayer in Newman.

    Third Topic – NYT: Heavy on anonymous sources, light on facts

    The New York Times' John McCain "bombshell" story, hinted at since December, was unloaded on today’s front-page -- and promptly fizzled out among conservatives and liberals alike, who dismissed the story from a four-person team as a strained mix of sex innuendo and old news, heavy on disgruntled former staffers and light on facts. We look at the story and its newsworthiness.

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