Kresta in the Afternoon – February 20, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – The New Evangelization

    “The Christian Faith at the dawn of the new millennium is faced with the challenge of unbelief and religious indifference.” Those were the opening words of a new two-year old document released by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council on Culture. Al looks at the document, the globalization of behaviour, the mass media, new religious movements and how the laity should respond to these new challenges to evangelizaton.

    Second Topic – Kosovo Independence Day: Vatican urges caution

    Following Sunday's declaration of independence by the republic of Kosovo, Albanians and their supporters euphorically celebrated. But Kosovo's future is less than crystal-clear. George W. Bush gave his blessing to the newly-free country, despite the objections of Russia and Serbia. Reaction across Europe was mixed, and the Vatican’s statements have been moderate, to say the least. What does the future hold for this newly-independent country? Al has some thoughts.

    Third Topic – A denial of tenure & stealth cover-up – The saga continues

    We talked about it a month ago, and it has now gotten worse. Guillermo Gonzalez is an impressively productive observational astronomer at Iowa State University who is currently on a path to losing his job — not because of his teaching, his research, or his relationships with colleagues but because of his views about intelligent design expressed in a 2004 book. Iowa State of course has a different story, one that has been exposed as a scam. The University Board of Regents has now denied his appeal. Dr. Gonzalez is here to bring us up to speed.

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