Kresta in the Afternoon – February 19, 2016 – Hour 1

+  Kresta News Roundup

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+  God and the Founders: What Did They Really Believe About Church / State Issues and How Do They Apply Today?

  • Description: Yesterday EWTN lost the Appeals Court decision on the HHS Mandate. With Scalia’s death, we now have increased discussion about the future of the HHS cases. We talk about these cases in light of the Founders. Did the Founding Fathers intend to build a “wall of separation” between church and state? Are public Ten Commandments displays or the phrase “under Go”’ in the Pledge of Allegiance consistent with the Founders’ understandings of religious freedom? Dr. Vincent Phillip Muñoz joins us to answer these questions by providing comprehensive interpretations of James Madison, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Muñoz explores how Madison, Washington, and Jefferson agreed and disagreed by showing how their different principles of religious freedom would decide the Supreme Court’s most important First Amendment religion cases. We ask the question, “What would the Founders do?”
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    • Dr. Vincent Phillip Munoz
      Vincent Phillip Muñoz is a Tocqueville Associate Professor of Religion and Public Life in the Department of Political Science and Concurrent Associate Professor of Law at The University of Notre Dame. He writes and teaches across the fields of political philosophy, constitutional studies, and American politics. He’s the author of God and the Founders: Madison, Washington, and Jefferson and his First Amendment church-state casebook, Religious Liberty and the American Supreme Court: The Essential Cases and Documents, was published in 2013 and is being used at Notre Dame and other leading universities.
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