Kresta in the Afternoon – February 19, 2009 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Tough Times for Wise Virgins

    2008 was a tough year for those who play by the rules, and 2009 may be even tougher. In a recent article entitled “Tough Times for Wise Virgins” economist Mark Hendrickson explains, “The biblical parable of the 10 virgins is particularly relevant today. …. The parable illustrates that we reap the consequences of our choices, for good or ill, and we are responsible for our own success or failure. … In this parable, there was no socialistic redistribution of property from the prudent to the imprudent. The foolish virgins weren’t charity cases, unable to fend for themselves. They simply didn’t make the necessary effort to succeed. Each virgin got what she deserved.” Hendrickson is with us to look at our current economic situation in light of this parable.

    Second Topic – Kresta Comments – Fairness Doctrine

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