Kresta in the Afternoon – February 18, 2010 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Camelot No More?

    Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the Rhode Island Catholic congressman whom Bishop Thomas Tobin publicly called to “conversion and repentance” because of his support for abortion, has decided not to run for reelection. Referring to his father, the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, the congressman said that “illness took the life of my most cherished mentor and confidant, my ultimate source of spirit and strength.” Kennedy said that the death of his father, Sen. Edward Kennedy, last year led to "soul-searching" that ended with his decision to leave public office. However the announcement that he would not seek re-election came soon after the release of poll figures showing that the Rhode Island lawmaker was viewed unfavorably by 56% of the people in his congressional district, and only 35% said that they would support him for another term. This means that as of this fall, there will be no Kennedy in national office for the first time since 1947. Is this the end of “Camelot”? We talk with Kennedy expert James Piereson.

    Second Topic – The Power of Reconciliation

    We take a look at reconciliation from a combined psychological and spiritual perspective. Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen offers some thought-provoking insights based on his professional experience from over 26 years in the field of working with families, couples, groups and individuals. With a unique combination of  a heartfelt gentleness and a compelling directness, he helps us look at how much and in what way we ourselves play a critical part in the friction or conflicts we easily run into in our relationships with our loved ones, spouse, children, inlaws, friends, etc. The psychotherapeutic power of repentance and forgiveness is explored, and it becomes clear how Jesus Christ provides the ultimate life giving source of true mental health and authentic peace in relationships.

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