Kresta in the Afternoon – February 14, 2008 – Hour 2

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    First Topic – The Politics of Sex Abuse in CO

    Colorado lawmaker Gwyn Green has introduced a bill that would lift the statute of limitations on all future cases involving the sexual abuse of children; it would also grant a two-year period that allows those who are currently barred from doing so the chance to file a lawsuit. But wait, the law would only apply to private institutions, and not public schools or government entities. Double standard maybe? We look at it with Kiera McCaffrey of the Catholic League.

    Second Topic – Archbishop objects to Clinton rally

    San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez has shown his displeasure about a rally by Hillary Clinton, an abortion supporter, at a Catholic university yesterday. The archbishop released a statement earlier this week noting that Clinton and some other presidential candidates' support for abortion and embryonic stem-cell research were not in line with Catholic values. The rally went on anyway. We look at this, and other recent episodes at Catholic Universities with Patrick Reilly, founder and President of the Cardinal Newman Society.

    Third Topic –  The Many Legends of St. Valentine

    It's Valentine's Day! We introduce you to the REAL St. Valentine - You will be surprised at how much misinformation and urban legend exists surrounding the life of St. Valentine. (and there’s even more than one!)

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