Kresta in the Afternoon – December 5, 2019 – Hour 2

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+  Remember Pearl Harbor: The Sacrifice of Fr. Al Schmitt

  • Description: It was early morning on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and Fr. Aloysius Schmitt had just finished celebrating Mass aboard the USS Oklahoma. We all know what happened next on this “Day that would live in Infamy.” But not many know what happened to the priest affectionately known as “Father Al.” Steve Weidenkopf has the story.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Steve Weidenkopf
      Steve Weidenkopf is the author of several book including Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church. He's a Lecturer of Church History at the Notre Dame Graduate School of Christendom College in Alexandria, Virginia.
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    • Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church

      All the makings of your favorite adventure story - drama, intrigue, promise, love, hope, and heartache spanning two thousand years...and YOU are a part of it! Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church is a fresh retelling of the history of the Church. In this easy-to-read, not-your-average history book, Steve Weidenkopf introduces you to the vivid, dynamic story of God's work in the world since Pentecost. Along the way, you will meet the weird, wonderful, and always fascinating heroes and villains of the Catholic family tree. Read Timeless and you'll

      • Learn the past in order to make sense of our world,
      • know Christ better,
      • be prepared to defend your Faith and the Church, and
      • understand where you fit in the greatest story ever told.
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    • The Real Story of Catholic History: Answering Twenty Centuries of Anti-Catholic Myths

      Anti-Catholics like to paint Church teachings in a way that makes them seem vain, backward, or superstitious, all in the hope of drawing people out of the Faith and into sects or unbelief. Catholic apologists fight back with facts and sound arguments. But there’s another area where the Church’s enemies tell their own false story of Catholicism: itshistory. Whether it’s from the media, in classrooms, or out of the mouths of pastors and politicians, we’ve all heard a version of Catholic history filled with unrelenting violence, ignorance, worldliness, and bigotry. It’s enough to make many believers question whether the Church truly was founded by Christ! This kind of attack requires no less of a response from those who know the truth. In The Real Story of Catholic History, Steve Weidenkopf gives it to you. Weidenkopf (The Glory of the Crusades) collects over fifty of the most common and dangerous lies about Catholic history and, drawing on his experience as a historian and apologist, shows how to answer them simply and powerfully. Whether it’s claims about Catholicism’s supposedly pagan origins, old myths about Galileo or the Inquisition that never seem to go away, or more modern misconceptions that anti-Catholics cynically exploit, The Real Story provides the desperately needed corrective. Packed with research and diligent in pursuit of the truth, while never whitewashing or explaining away the Church’s past faults when they’re found, The Real Story of Catholic History is an essential resource for every Catholic’s bookshelf. (learn more)

+  New Data Show the U.S. Abortion Rate Continues to Decline

  • Description: The Centers for Disease Control has released abortion data for 2016, indicating that the U.S. abortion rate has continued to decline, a trend that began in 1980. Between 2015 and 2016, both the number of abortions and the abortion rate decreased by about 2 percent. The decline was fairly consistent, as 33 of the 46 states that reported abortion data saw their numbers decline. This is good news for pro-lifers, and for anyone who wants to see the incidence of abortion decrease. Michael New breaks down the numbers.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Michael New
      Michael New is visiting assistant professor at Catholic University of America and an associate scholar at Charlotte Lozier Institute.
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+  Quebec considers expanding eligibility for euthanasia

  • Description: Quebec's health minister has announced that the province will open a consultation on allowing euthanasia for people who can no longer give informed consent or who will die of an illness in the more distant future. Presently, Quebec permits euthanasia for terminally ill adult residents with an incurable disease who are undergoing great suffering, face imminent death, and give informed consent. The Quebec law was passed in 2014, and took effect in December 2015. We’ll talk about it with Charles Lewis.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Charles Lewis
      Charles Lewis is a former newspaper reporter and editor who now writes a regular column for the Toronto Catholic Register and writes on occasion for the National Catholic Register. He has been actively battling euthanasia since 2007. A serious painful spinal problem in 2011 made him realize just how dangerous euthanasia is.
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