Kresta in the Afternoon – December 22, 2008

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    First Topic - #34: Alexander Solzhenitsyn – Voice of the Gulags - Dead at 89

    When 1999 turned into 2000, a lot of people asked, “Who was the Man of the Century?” And many answered, “Solzhenitsyn.” That was a very solid choice. Born in 1918, Alezander Solzhenitsyn became the voice and conscience of the Russian people. There was no greater or more effective foe of Communism, or of totalitarianism in general. His Gulag Archipelago was a crushing blow to the Soviet Union — after its publication in the mid-1970s, the USSR had no standing, morally. The book was effective because it was true. He passed away yesterday at age 89. We look at his life and legacy with David Aikman.

    Second Topic - #33: The “Right to Privacy” – A History

    Janet Smith , well-known philosopher and writer, presents a critical look at the meaning of the “right to privacy” that has been so often employed by the Supreme Court in recent times to justify the creation of rights not found in the Constitution by any traditional method of interpreting a legal document. Smith shows how these inventions have led to the legal protection of abortion, assisted suicide, homosexual acts, and more.


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