Kresta in the Afternoon – December 17, 2009 – Hour 1

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    Topic One – and MSNBC: “The teachings of homosexual ‘healer’ Richard Cohen inspired Uganda's hateful new legislation”

    Proposed legislation in Uganda would impose the death penalty for some homosexuals, and their family and friends could face up to seven years in jail if they fail to report them to authorities. Even landlords could be imprisoned for renting to homosexuals. Gay rights activists say the bill, which has prompted growing international opposition, promotes hatred and could set back efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. They believe the bill is part of a continent wide backlash because Africa's gay community is becoming more vocal. Now, homosexual activists in America are trying to argue that those who support traditional marriage in the US stoke the fires that lead to this legislation. We talk to Richard Cohen, former homosexual, who has been accused of supporting this legislation.

    Topic Two – Reason to Believe: Why Faith Makes Sense

    Is religious belief reasonable? Of course the so-called New Atheists, such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, energetically say, No! Many others, including some believers, insist that faith is utterly beyond reasoned argument. Faith, they declare, is believing something that reason tells you cant be so. In this way they think they shield belief from rational criticism. But philosopher Richard Purtill will have none of that approach to religion. Purtill carefully applies the power of the mind to understanding whether there is a rational basis for certain religious beliefs. His focus is on widely held Christian beliefs, although much of what he says applies also to other religious traditions. We look at Reasons to Believe: Why Faith Makes Sense.

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