“Kresta in the Afternoon” – December 16, 2014 – Hour 2

+  Vatican Releases Final report on Women Religious in the US

  • Description: The Vatican has released the results of a study on the state of women religious in the US. Ordered by Pope Benedict in 2008, the study acknowledges the strengths and accomplishments of American nuns while acknowledging the challenges presented by increasingly aging members and dwindling numbers. The report released today covers one of the two recent Vatican investigations of American nuns. The other is a review of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which has been accused of issuing materials that stray from Catholic doctrine. The LCWR review was ordered in 2012 and is expected to last for five years. We speak with Ann Carey, an expert on women religious in the US, about the report’s findings.
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    • Ann Carey

      Ann Carey is a columnist for National Catholic Register covering women religious. She is the author of “Sisters in Crisis: The Tragic Unraveling of Women’s Religious Communities.” She has also released an updated version of the book, “Sisters in Crisis Revisited: From Unraveling to Reform and Renewal” . Ann is a member of the Catholic Press Association and has received awards for her news and feature writing.

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+  Dealing with Drinking over the Holidays

  • Description: So many of us have a close friend or family member with a drinking problem. This can be especially difficult during the holiday season, when festive gatherings with a variety of available drinks can lead to difficult situations. Michael Vasquez, founder of the St. Gregory Retreat Center, joins us with advice on how and when to confront a loved one who struggles with this problem.
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+  Son of “Unbroken” Hero Recalls his Father’s Faith

  • Description: In theaters Christmas Day, Unbroken is the incredible true story of Louis Zamperini, a former track star whose bomber went down in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Zamperini survived 47 harrowing days adrift before being picked up by the Japanese and send to a POW camp, where he endured two and a half years of unimaginable psychological and physical torture. Louis’ son Luke Zamperini joins us to talk about the film and his father’s amazing story of faith and perseverance.
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