Kresta in the Afternoon- December 11, 2014- Hour 1

+  A Quick Word: The World Reacts to the CIA Report

  • Description: The results of the Senate’s investigation into CIA torture methods has brought international condemnation, even from countries such as China and Iran that are infamous for human rights violations. Al examines some of the most noteworthy reactions. We also review President Bush’s 2003 State of the Union address, which slammed Iraq for its horrific torture methods. How do Bush’s comments relate to the CIA report?
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+  Miracle Man

  • Description: Every near-death experience is account is extraordinary, but “Miracle Man” is amazing on an entirely different level. The story takes the reader on a spiritual excursion through Bernie Klein’s riveting journey to heaven and back. After experiencing multiple organ failure and spending six weeks comatose and on life support, Bernie came back from the dead to share his dramatic encounter with Jesus, earning him the name “Miracle Man” among the hospital staff. Bernie’s experience gave him extreme clarity on what truly matters. Judy Klein, Bernie’s widow, joins us today to tell her husband’s story she has learned to place her trust in God.
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    • Judy Klein
      Judy is the founder of Memorare Ministries, which is dedicated to bringing a message of hope and encouragement to those who are suffering. She is the author of “Miracle Man,” “Living Water: Understanding The Gift of New Life through Baptism,” and “Sez Who: Why Church Authority Established By Christ Is So Important to Us Today.” Judy’s blog is called Holy Hope and can be found at
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+  Miracle Man (continued)

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