“Kresta in the Afternoon” – December 10, 2014 – Hour 2

+  CIA Report on Torture: What does the Church say?

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+  CIA Report on Torture: What's the Catholic Response?

  • Description: Yesterday a special Senate committee released a massive report on torture techniques used by the CIA. The report contained many disturbing facts about how suspected terrorists are treated in US holding facilities worldwide. Is torture ever acceptable? If a known terrorist has been captured, can torture methods be used to uncover information on coming attacks, thus saving countless innocent lives? Where do we draw the line between acceptable interrogation methods and torture? Al discusses these questions and more.
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    • Dr. Patrick Lee

      Dr. Patrick Lee is a Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Bioethics at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is a Member of American Catholic Philosophical Association and the Society of Christian Philosophers. He is the Recipient of Cardinal Wright Award for Excellence in Catholic Scholarship in Integrating Faith and Reason and the author of “Abortion and Unborn Human Life” and “Body-Self Dualism and Contemporary Ethics and Politics.”

      • Fr. Brian Harrison

        Fr. Brian Harrison is a former professor of theology at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He is the author of Religious Liberty and Contraception and works at Oblates of Wisdom Study Center in St. Louis.

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    +  CIA Report on Torture: What’s the Catholic Response? (Continued)

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