Kresta in the Afternoon – December 1, 2008

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    First Topic – All Things Girl

    “All Things Girl” is the new, groundbreaking book series for “tweenaged” girls by best selling Catholic author and speaker Teresa Tomeo along with the women behind the Runway to Reality Apostolate: Molly Miller and Monica Cops. The “All Things Girl” series of five books is unlike anything found in the marketplace as it brings Faith to the real world in which young girls live. The series now contains three books, the latest of which is “Girls Rock” and will make every girl proud of being created female! Based on Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Women, this book will empower girls with their God-given dignity. It is laced with stories throughout Judeo-Christian history of women who made a difference in their culture. The girls will learn what is meant by the “feminine genius.” They will enjoy reading about famous and not so famous women who lived out their feminine genius as well as games of yesteryear. They will learn how to start a family tree, and create a time capsule, all ways to celebrate being created a girl. Co-creator Teresa Tomeo is with us.

    Second Topic – Kresta Comments / Direct to my Desk

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