Kresta in the Afternoon – August 5, 2020 – Hour 2

+  Explosion cripples crumbling Lebanon

+  Why Christ's Divinity is Central (2 segments)

  • Description: There are those who would reduce Jesus from Lord of Creation to a mere social justice warrior. Jesus’ love and care for the poor is, of course, central to His mission – but to minimize His divinity is to entirely miss the point. We’ll talk it over along with other aspects of Christ's life and mission with Fr Brian Mullady.
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    • Captivated by the Master: A Theological Consideration of Jesus Christ

      Theologian Fr. Brian Mullady brings enlightenment and consolation to the faithful with this concise yet powerful summary of the teachings of the Catholic Church about Christ. Masterfully addressing the gap in the knowledge of modern Christians about the nature and implications of the traditional, systematic doctrine of Christ, Fr. Mullady confronts the efforts of modern theologians to separate Christ from His Cross and suggest that His purpose on earth was merely to resist unjust social structures and advance wise moral teachings. Such fundamental misunderstandings of Christ, Fr. Mullady says, lead to a flawed interpretation of Scripture that wrongly minimizes miracles and reimagines uncomfortable sacrifices. To remedy such confusion, he documents how the nature of the union between God and man in Christ came to be defined over a 500 year period by major councils of the Church. Drawing on these gradual but consistent pronouncements of the Church, Fr. Mullady speaks with authority about the reasons Christ came to earth and shows how the nature that He assumed promoted His purpose, which was to redeem the Human race. (learn more)

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