Kresta in the Afternoon – August 5, 2009

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    First Topic – The Bible Compass: A Catholic's Guide to Navigating the Scriptures

    We’ve long heard the jokes and characitures about Catholics and knowledge of Scripture. But knowing and understanding God’s word is no laughing matter. We talk with Scripture scholar Dr. Ted Sri about his forthcoming book The Bible Compass: A Catholic’s Guide to Navigating the Scriptures.

    Second Topic – The Future of Catholic Publishing

    As we broadcast from the Catholic Marketing Network and talk with publishers, authors, and industry leaders, Mark Brumley, President and C.E.O. of Ignatius Press is here to look at the future of Catholic publishing. Where has it been, where is it now, and where is it headed?

    Third Topic – The Catholicism Project

    The Catholicism Project is an epic series that will be one of the most innovative productions ever to promote the Catholic faith to the world. Fr. Robert Barron has gone from Jerusalem to Rome to Mexico City and beyond - and use art, architecture, literature, music and all the riches of the Catholic tradition to tell an inspiring story and draw people into the faith. We talk about the 10-part series and his recent filming in Spain and Lourdes.

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