Kresta in the Afternoon – August 26, 2013 – Hour 1

+  Jody Bottum: "The Things We Share: A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage”

  • Description: Former First Things Editor Jody Bottum has set off a bit of a firestorm after publishing an article in Commonweal Magazine entitled “The Things We Share A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage.” In the lengthy essay he writes, “Campaigns against same-sex marriage are hurting the church, offering the opportunity to make Catholicism a byword for repression in a generation that, even among young Catholics, just doesn’t think that same-sex activity is worth fighting about. There’s a reasonable case to be made that the struggle against abortion is slowly winning, but the fight against public acceptance of same-sex behavior has been utterly lost.” He is here to argue his case.
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+  Jody Bottum: "The Things We Share: A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage” (continued)

+  Gay Panic Over New Russian Laws

  • Description: The Russian parliament recently passed a national law forbidding homosexual proselytizing to schoolchildren. The law also forbids public manifestations like parades. An additional law forbids homosexual adoption of children or foreign adoption into countries that allow for homosexual “marriage.” Opponents of the law are not content simply to shock their friends with what is really going on in Russia. After all, these new laws are enough to shock the sensibilities of westerners where homosexuality has largely triumphed over the culture. Austin Ruse has just returned from Russia and is here to discuss the situation.
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