Kresta in the Afternoon – August 21, 2007 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Debating Elvira Arellano

    The lightning-swift deportation of Elvira Arellano has triggered an equally sharp debate about whether her dramatic battle to stay in the U.S. will help or hurt attempts to liberalize immigration laws. The illegal alien was arrested Sunday in Los Angeles shortly after leaving her yearlong sanctuary in a Northwest Side church. Federal agents then dispatched Arellano, 32, across the border to Tijuana. Activists on both sides of the emotional immigration battle have latched on to Arellano's story as a rallying cry for their points of view. We bring the debate to Kresta in the Afternoon.

    Second Topic – Prayers' impact on depression studied

    Health and prayer researcher Harold Koenig has produced a new study on the effect of prayer on elderly depression patients. We look at the results and examine the validity of "prayer studies."

    Third Topic – The Ultimate Gift

    When his wealthy grandfather dies, trust fund baby Jason Stevens anticipates a big inheritance. Instead, his grandfather has devised a crash course on life with twelve tasks – or “gifts” – designed to challenge Jason in improbable ways, sending him on a journey of self-discovery and forcing him to determine what is most important in life: money or happiness. Author Jim Stovall discusses the new film based on his book, “The Ultimate Gift,” as well as his amazing testimony of a blind man who went on to be an Olympic weightlifting champion

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