Kresta in the Afternoon – August 20, 2010 – Hour 1

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    Live From the Iowa State Fair with KWKY - Catholic Radio for DesMoines, IA

    First Topic – Revelations: Stories of Redemption and Hope

    Liz Carl was 17 when she was raped. She felt violated all over again when she discovered she was pregnant. She said “It was not only ridiculous attempting to tell my mom and family, who believed me and helped me, but it was almost funny how many people I told who told other people I was lying, ‘because I got caught.’ I can't even explain how awful everything was for me.  I wanted to die -- I just couldn't find the strength to do it.” But she did find God’s strength and she is here to tell her story.

    Second Topic – Debating the Mosque at Ground Zero

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan, spiritual leader to New York City's two million Catholics, is urging "respectful discussion" from all parties locked in debate over plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero, and he said he prays a responsible decision will be reached regarding the mosque's final location. Speaking to reporters yesterday, Dolan said he hopes any decision will respect the viewpoint of those who oppose an Islamic Center so close to the site of the fallen Twin Towers but will also protect the exercise of religious freedom. We have a pre-recorded news package explaining the issues involved and will follow that package with a live debate with Robert Spencer of and Dowad Walid of the Center for American Islamic Relations.

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