Kresta in the Afternoon – August 19, 2009

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    First Topic – Direct to my Desk

    Second Topic – How to Stay Catholic in College

    “After they graduate from high school or move away from home, just 2 out of 5 teens say it is ‘very likely’ they will attend a Christian church on a regular basis”(George Barna, Real Teens, p. 136). Starting high school or leaving home for college is a pivotal time in the life of every young person. On campus, students leave behind their church, their friends, their families – namely, their sources of support, accountability and encouragement. Every campus in today's world is a battleground where students must diligently fight to keep their faith, build strong relationships, grow in holiness, and avoid temptations. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your students to walk onto campus this Fall unprepared to do battle for their faith. Send them into battle as soldiers for Christ, equipped and prepared for intelligent warfare. Steve Wood is here to equip you.

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