Kresta in the Afternoon – August 12, 2010 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – The Catholic Hitchcock – Born Aug. 13, 1899

    In a career that spanned six decades and more than sixty films, Alfred Hitchcock became the most widely recognized director who ever lived. His films set new standards for cinematic invention and storytelling. He is certainly one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time. He was also a devout Catholic. With the anniversary of his birth tomorrow, we examine how his faith influenced his career and found its way into many of his productions. Catholic film critic Richard Alleva is with us.

    Second Topic – Ann Rice: “I Quit Christianity”

    Anne Rice, the bestselling novelist most popularly known for "Interview with the Vampire" and her other creepy vampire novels, announced on Wednesday via Facebook that she has officially renounced Christianity. It's a bold move for the author who has become well-known for her vehement religiosity; the majority of her frequent tweets are related to religion in some way. Rice declared on her Facebook account that she is "an outsider" in the Christian community. We analyze with Colleen Carroll Campbell and play a portion of a previous interview Al had with her when she returned to the Church.

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