Kresta in the Afternoon – August 1, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – Mass Changes Coming Soon

    The Vatican has approved new translations for the English Mass, and they will be substantial. We look at what translations have changed, why, and when you can expect to see them implemented.

    Second Topic – Protect Yourself at College

    After the horrific Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007, all of us are now aware of the major disasters that can strike our students at college. But each year more than 500,000 college students become victims of crimes and accidents that rarely get reported in the media. Tom Kane has spent three years doing extensive research and interviews with college and security officials. He has written “Protect Yourself At College,” a vital tool to give their students as they pack up for school. He is with us to discuss everything from dorm safety to binge drinking, spring break concerns to date rape, walking the campus to keeping your computer safe, and fraternity hazing to taking the bus.

    Third Topic – Feminism and Freedom

    August 18th marks the 88th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. Would women have achieved that right without the feminist revolution? Christina Hoff Sommers, author of a recent essay entitled “Feminism and Freedom” argues that the world needs feminism, but not the movement. “Modern women’s liberation has little to do with liberty,” she writes. “Women everywhere need the liberty to be what they are – not, as contemporary feminism insists, liberation from what they are.” She is here to make her case.

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