Kresta in the Afternoon – April 9, 2018 – Hour 2

+  The Angry Christian

  • Description: Is anger always bad? After all, wrath is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. But, used properly, anger can be a useful emotion. It is our anger at injustice and evil that can lead to change; our anger at the loss of souls that leads us to evangelize. We'll talk with Bert Ghezzi.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Bert Ghezzi
      Bert Ghezzi is the author of several books including The Angry Christian: A Bible-Based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in the Catholic and religious press. He has been involved in all levels of religious education for more than 40 years and has served as a leader and teacher in several Catholic renewal movements. He has seven adult children and 16 grandchildren, is an active member of St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, and lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
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    • The Angry Christian: A Bible-based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion

      This book shows how Christians can be good and be angry at the same time. That’s possible if we let the Holy Spirit strengthen us to get angry for the right reasons and to keep anger under control. If we are seeking a secret that will simply eliminate anger, we’re pursuing a vain hope. Anger will surely be with us until we die. It may even go with us to heaven, where the Lord may allow us to share his anger at the evils that afflict his creation. But we can learn to increase good anger and to minimize the bad. That’s the Christian approach summed up by Paul when he admonished the Ephesians to “Be angry, but do not sin” (Eph 4:26). If used constructively, anger can even help us live a more Christian life. This is not a psychology or self-help book. It presents a Bible-based strategy for caring for and disciplining a valuable emotion. It describes a method that helps us use anger successfully to overcome the obstacles strewn across the path of our Christian journey. The book contains questions for discussion, personal reflection and application which make it ideal for either individual or group use. (learn more)

+  Psalm Basics for Catholics (2 segments)

  • Description: For more than two thousand years, Christians have sung, chanted, and prayed the psalms, a practice of worship inherited from our Jewish ancestors in faith. Yet we don't often take the time to step back and see how the psalms fit into the rest of Scripture and the overall story of Salvation. We'll talk with John Bergsma.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. John Bergsma
      John Bergsma is professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and a senior fellow at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Twice voted "Faculty of the Year" by graduating classes at Franciscan University, he is a popular teacher whose love of Scripture inspires his students. He's the author of many books, most recently "Psalm Basics for Catholics" as well as "Yes, there is a God...and other answers to Life's Big Questions" and "Bible Basics for Catholics: A New Picture of Salvation History."
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    • Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic

      The Pope, devotion to Mary, confession ... just where are these topics in the Bible? Why does the Catholic Church seem to focus on so many things that aren't Scriptural? Or so thought former Protestant pastor John Bergsma. Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic is an engaging examination of the things Dr. Bergsma once considered obstacles to ever becoming Catholic himself. Over an eighteen-month spiritual journey, Bergsma was stunned again and again by the biblical support he found for even the stickiest teachings of the Catholic Church. Weaving his personal story into clear explanations of Catholic teachings as found in Scripture, Dr. Bergsma explores seven key Catholic doctrines, including:

        • The Pope
        • Devotion to Mary
        • Confession
        • The Eucharist
        • The priesthood
        • Belief in the Bible alone
        • Salvation by faith alone theologies
      Stunned by Scripture will help Catholics understand, defend, and explain the biblical basis for the Faith and show them how the Bible solidly supports even the most frequently misunderstood Catholic teachings. (learn more)

    • Yes, There Is a God. . . and Other Answers to Life’s Big Questions

      How many times have you wanted to convey to someone the joy and excitement of the basic gospel messagebut stumbled in the process? Here is a book that explains the kerygmathe proclamation of the gospelin a simple way. Dr. Bergsma, a professor at Franciscan University and noted biblical scholar, uses both words and illustrations to tell the story of the Bible. In this short book, he brings the gospel to life for believers and nonbelievers alike. Readers will want to buy multiple copies of this book to give away to friends and family so that they can truly understand the amazing good news of what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. (learn more)

    • Psalm Basics for Catholics: Seeing Salvation History in a New Way

      In his third back-to-basics look at the Bible, popular theology professor and bestselling Catholic author and speaker John Bergsma highlights the presence of Jesus in the psalms and helps us understand their meaning in light of the story of salvation. Bergsma employs the same conversational style and simple illustrations found in Bible Basics for Catholics and New Testament Basics for Catholics to help bridge the gap between the world of contemporary Catholics and the ancient world of the Bible. In Psalm Basics for Catholics, John Bergsma introduces us to King David, the story of Israel, and the salvation of the Jewish people through the coming of Jesus. For more than two thousand years, Christians have sung, chanted, and prayed the psalms, a practice of worship inherited from our Jewish ancestors in faith. Whether prayed during Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, or in personal reflection, these ancient hymns continue to be a guiding light for Catholics. Yet rarely do we step back and look at how the psalms fit into the story of salvation revealed in the Bible the way Bergsma does here. Bergsma also addresses common questions about the psalms, including

      • Do the psalms really predict Jesus?
      • What do we make of the so-called curse psalms?
      • Why do we pray the psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours?
      • How do I read and pray the psalms?
      Bergsma's insightful, practical examination of the psalms helps Catholics see how their promise is fulfilled in Christ. (learn more)

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