Kresta in the Afternoon – April 8, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic - Holy Spirit: Make Your Home In Me

    Many Catholics and other Christians do not fully understand the Holy Spirit – his role in the Trinity that is at the center of their faith. They have not had an EXPERIENCE of the Holy Spirit. Fr. George Montague is with us to explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Charismatic Renewal, and the Spirit in Scripture.

    Second Topic - A Genuine Conversion or an Act of Perjury?

    Tony Blair was received into the Catholic Church in December. At that time he “professed and believed to be true all that the Catholic Church professes and believes to be true.” Does this mean he has changed his views on abortion and gay marriage? If not, what does that mean for his oath and the relationship between morality and civil law? Joanna Bogle is a Catholic journalist in the United Kingdom and has a view from across the pond.

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