Kresta in the Afternoon – April 30, 2014 – Hour 1

+  Listener Response to Donald Sterling Commentary

+  Physics for First Communion

  • Description: What does physics have to do with Holy Communion? Though it surprises most, St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the first physics is needed to understand Communion. Dr. Anthony Rizzi is here to reveal the simple connection between physics, our everyday world, and God. This preamble of the Faith has been all but forgotten. He gives us, for the first time at the level of a 7 year old, this preamble in light of modern scientific thinking. It is the general framework for all of our knowledge given in simple terms, leading us from the things we see and hear as small children to the scientific method and finally proving the existence of God.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Dr. Anthony Rizzi
      Anthony Rizzi is a physicist with degrees from MIT (B.S., phys.) and Princeton (PhD, phys.) with over 20 years combined experience in experimental and theoretical physics, including solving an 80 year old problem in Einstein’s theory. He also has made important contributions to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) in Louisiana, has taught graduate courses at LSU, and has done research on manned and unmanned mars spacecrafts. As a staff physicist and design engineer at Lockheed-Martin, he received a NASA Award and a New Technology Award. He now directs the Institute for Advanced Physics in Baton Rouge, LA (, where he continues his gravity wave related research. Dr Rizzi has been featured on EWTN, Focus Worldwide Network, Catholic World Report, Zenit News Agency and Relevant Radio.
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+  Physics for First Communion (continued)

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