Kresta in the Afternoon – April 3, 2008 – Hour 1

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    First Topic – John Paul II: An Evangelical Assessment

    Running parallel with this pope's ministry was an unprecedented level of conversation between Protestant evangelicals and Roman Catholics. In the West, at least, there was a growing sense that in a post-Christian society it was time for Christians of orthodox faith to explore their common commitments and to make common cause in the great moral and social issues of the day. Mark Noll, evangelical professor of History at the University of Notre Dame, joins us to offer an evangelical assessment of the thought of John Paul II as expressed in his major encyclicals.

    Second Topic – Parents: Your Children Deserve the American Dream

    Miriam Snyder is a long-time teacher and school administrator and has written Parents: Your Children Deserve the American Dream. The book addresses the issue of public school performance to date, and examines the reasons for the less than superb results. By analyzing causes, she invites us all to seek specific solutions, because our children deserve it. By empowering parents with the knowledge needed to bring about change, she calls on them to be the voice of the child that has no other representation.

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