Kresta in the Afternoon – April 26, 2016 – Hour 2

+  4 Big Mistakes we Make with Catechesis

  • Description: One of the great struggles in the Church today is effectively catechizing God’s people. In a world so full of error, distortion, and half-truths, this has never been more necessary. Over the last several decades there have been many well-intentioned approaches to catechesis that have ultimately failed. Although we need to try something new, that something new is really something old. We’ll talk about it with Msgr. Charles Pope.
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+  Growing Human Organs in Animals: If it’s Possible, is it Moral?

+  The Church Militant or the Church Belligerent?

  • Description: As Catholics we must defend ourselves and our faith and fight for the salvation of souls. This demands doing battle, which is why we call ourselves the Church Militant. However, we must not let our fighting spirit turn against us. The Church is supposed to be the New Jerusalem, not the New Sparta. How can we fight for our faith without destroying the Charity that is essential to the heart of our message? We’ll talk about it with Fr. Paul Scalia.
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    • Fr. Paul Scalia
      Fr. Paul Scalia is the son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia and delivered the homily at his father’s funeral Mass. He’s the founder, editor and publisher of “The Fenwick Review” at the College of the Holy Cross and also writes for Adoremus Bulletin, First Things and other publications. Fr. Scalia is a frequent speaker for the Institute of Catholic Culture in Front Royal and is the Episcopal Vicar for Clergy and Director of the Diaconate Formation Program for the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia.
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