Kresta in the Afternoon – April 2, 2012 – Hour 1

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    First Topic - "Obamacare" and the Supreme Court: An Analysis of Last Week's Arguments

    The Supreme Court last week wrapped up its exhaustive three-day session which will determine the fate of the federal health care overhaul, ending with what is arguably the most consequential question of the case -- if the individual mandate is struck down, does the law survive? The nature of questioning over the last few days signaled several judges have serious doubts about the law. But they hardly indicated which way the often-divided court would rule, with a decision expected by summer. The unanimous public opinion is that the Obama administration attorneys struggled through a number of exchanges with the Justices. We talk with Dick Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center, who was one of the first to file a federal lawsuit against the individual mandate.

    Second Topic - Making a Pilgrimage in Your Own Back Yard

    Many Christians go on pilgrimage, whether to Jerusalem, Rome, Lourdes or Fatima, but many don't consider pilgrimages in their own back yard. We look at the biblical and theological elements in pilgrimage and ask how we could do pilgrimage differently. Examination of pilgrimage in the Old and New Testaments provides a grounding for thinking through pilgrimage theologically. Steve Ray is our guest.

    Third Topic - "Right to Work" Bills Being Debated Nationwide

    Right to Work Legislation is being hotly debated right now Minnesota, New Hampshire and Michigan. This comes after a year of contention over the issue boiled over in WI, IN and other states that passed Right to Work measures. The issues is back on the front burner with Wisconsin's primary tomorrow and Gov. Scott Walker's upcoming recall election. We talk to Right to Work expert and Law Professor John Raudabaugh.


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