Kresta in the Afternoon – April 16, 2012 – Hour 1

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    First Topic - Kresta Comments - Andrew Sullivan's Jesus

    The most recent Newsweek magazine cover story (published during Holy Week) is entitled "Forget the Church: Follow Jesus," by pseudo-Catholic pseudo-conservative homosexual commentator Andrew Sullivan. His basic argument is that because of scandal, politics, and other social factors Christianity is on the brink of extinction and we need to embrace HIS version of Jesus to save the faith. Not unlike Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle who each have recently presented their own new definitions of Jesus. Al analyzes this trend.  

    Second Topic - Traditional (Orthodox) Catholicism Is Winning

    In his Holy Thursday homily at St. Peter's Basilica on April 5, Pope Benedict XVI denounced calls from some Catholics for optional celibacy among priests and for women's ordination. The pope said that "true renewal" comes only through the "joy of faith" and "radicalism of obedience." And renewal is coming. After the 2002 scandal about sexual abuse by clergy, progressive Catholics were predicting the end of the celibate male priesthood in books like "Full Pews and Empty Altars" and "The Death of Priesthood." Yet today the number of priestly ordinations is steadily increasing. We look at the trends and data which indicates that fidelity is a recipe for growth. Anne Hendershott has done the research and she joins us today.

    Third Topic - TBA


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