Kresta in the Afternoon – September 5, 2017 – Hour 2

+  Mother Teresa’s Quiet Struggle

  • Description: In 2007 several private letters and journals from Mother Teresa were released in the book Come, Be My Light. In these writings she reveals her decades-long struggles with her faith as she confronted a terrifying period of darkness. Time magazine ran a cover story on the revelations and questioned whether they made Mother Teresa a hypocrite. We talked about it with Fr. Matthew Lamb and today we look back at the interview as we celebrate the feast of Saint Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Fr. Matthew Lamb
      Fr Matthew Lamb is Cardinal Maida Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University. He was quoted in a 2007 Time magazine article about Mother Teresa’s faith
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+  What did the Apostle's World Look Like (2 segments)

  • Description: What was it like to live in the years after Jesus' death and be tasked with spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth? How did their Church services resemble today's Mass? How did Rome become the spiritual center of Christianity? Mike Auilina joins us for a journey through the apostolic age and a firsthand look at the ancient streets and towns through with the apostles walked.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Mike Aquilina
      Mike Aquilina is the award-winning author of more than forty books on Catholic history, devotion and doctrine. His newest book is The Apostles and Their Times. His works have been translated into many languages. He has hosted nine television series and several documentary films and is a frequent guest on Catholic radio. Visit
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    • The Apostles and Their Times

      Here is an unflinching look at the lives and sacrifices of those first Christians who were given the task of spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Relying on the ancient documents, as well as latest archeological findings and scientific research, acclaimed author Mike Aquilina takes you on a journey through the Apostolic Age, bringing to life the ancient streets and crowded marketplaces through which Mary and the Apostles journeyed as they built a Church that lasts even to our day. You'll also discover the beliefs of the early Christians, what they taught about the Eucharist and the Divinity of Christ, how their Church services resembles today's Mass, and how Rome became the spiritual center for Christianity. Read these pages, and you'll come to see that despite the best efforts of their enemies, the blood of the Apostles did not snuff out the Faith but brought forth great saints whose holy deeds and brave examples gave the besieged Church a vigor that lasts even to today. The Apostles and Their Times will give you confidence that the Church is indeed Christ acting in the world, and that no matter how ruthless her opponents, she will endure to the end of time. (learn more)

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