Kresta in the Afternoon – September 20, 2017 – Hour 2

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+  Finding Peace in a Turbulent Age (2 segments)

  • Description: St. Augustine famously defined peace as "the tranquility of order." We know the truth of that statement, and we know that when there is disorder, there is no peace. So how do we find peace in such a disordered world? Today's technology has robbed us of our face and disconnected us from ourselves. We'll talk with Joshua Hochschild about reconnecting with God.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Joshua Hochschild
      Dr. Joshua Hochschild is a professor of philosophy at Mount St Mary's University and the co-author of A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction. He is a founding member of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics and serves on the Executive Council of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.
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    • A Mind at Peace: Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in the Age of Distraction

      These past two decades, modern technology has brought into being scores of powerful challenges to our interior peace and well-being. We re experiencing a worldwide crisis of attention in which information overwhelms us, corrodes true communion with others, and leaves us anxious, unsettled, bored, isolated, and lonely. These pages provide the time-tested antidote that enables you to regain an ordered and peaceful mind in a technologically advanced world. Drawing on the wisdom of the world s greatest thinkers, including Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas, these pages help you identify and show you how to cultivate the qualities of character you need to survive in our media-saturated environment. This book offers a calm, measured, yet forthright and effective approach to regaining interior peace. Here you ll find no argument for retreat from the modern world; instead these pages provide you with a practical guide to recovering self-mastery and interior peace through wise choices and ordered activity in the midst of the world s communication chaos. Are you increasingly frustrated and perplexed in this digital age? Do you yearn for a mind that is more focused and a soul able to put down that IPhone and simply rejoice in the good and the true? It s not hard to do. The saints and the wise can show you how; this book makes their counsel available to you. (learn more)

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